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Features & Instructions

Take the field with AZ Fantasy Football, a game that gives you the chance to manage your own team of professional football players from the opening kick off right through the seventeen week season. Your goal is to get the best team on the field each week, since the better your players perform in real-life games, the more value they bring to your fantasy team. And, while you sit back and watch your team progress through the season, we do all the hard work of gathering statistics, computing point totals, and updating standings. Play for the prizes and the glory!

Head-to-Head Leagues
Create your own team name and logo. Join an existing or create a new Head-to-Head League and square off weekly against other coaches. Each coach sets his/her lineup based on league requirements, and whoever ends up with the most fantasy points -- based on your league settings -- wins the game. Weekly results are then tallied into an overall record. The team with the best winning percentage wins the championship.

Steps to Get Started

  • First time users must Register before logging in.
  • Pick your user name, password, team name and join an existing or create a new league.
  • From the Member Services page you will find many Team Logos to choose from. If you would like to use your very own unique logo just email us a link to any image on the www and we will connect it to your clubhouse page for you.
  • Complete your Draft Card. This will determine the make-up of your team (how many QB's, RB's etc. make up your 20 man roster).
  • Live & Autopick Drafts: If you are unable to participate in your leagues Live Draft our computers will select a team for you. You'll get the best possible players based on either our default rankings or a set of personalized draftboard rankings you submit in advance. Your draft will take place 48 hours after your 10 man league fills. Every team selects one player per round until their roster is full. The draft order reverses each round, so the team that starts the first round will end the second, and the team that ends the first round will start the second. You will be notified by email with additional draft instruction once your league has been filled.
  • After the draft go to your Roster and set your starters for the first game. All the menu links to the waiver wire, trade desk, league schedule and all your other league information will now be accessible.
  • Create as many teams as you can handle, but you can only have one team per league.
  • Its a game, and life is too short. You watch football, so why not spice it up? It's 10 guys trying to beat the crap out of 10 other guys for a darn silver cup. And we love it. Just don't take it -- or yourself -- too seriously to have some fun with the other members.

Playing the Game

  • The eleven starters of the active athletes on your roster are combined to give your team a weekly fantasy point score. If the total fantasy points from your 11 starters are greater than your opponent's fantasy points from their eleven starters, then you get a win and they will get a loss in the league standings.
  • You will not earn any fantasy points for a player who does not play in a given week even if that is due to his team having a bye week. You can keep these players on your active roster, but they will score zero points for the week.
  • Team Results will be posted as soon as the stats are received from our stat provider (apx. 10 minutes after each game).
  • Official League Standings will be posted by the AZFantasy Football Commissioner's Office every Tuesday.
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