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The AZFootball Pick'em Game
The AZFootball Games
AZPick'em Game
Let the fun begin! Our classic original pick'em game with 17 weeks of pick'em frenzy is underway. Now is the time to get your friends and co-workers off the bench and onto the field. Play for prizes and Glory! Test yourself against football fans from around the world and the next cubicle over. Register and create your team name now!
  • The schedule of games for the upcoming week is ready for your evaluation.
  • It is so easy to play, just pick the winner in each of the 20 games. Next, rank the games from 1 to 20. If you pick the winner, you will get credit for the points that you assigned to that game.
  • Enter as many times as you wish. Cost is only $60.00 (about $3.50 per week) for the entire 17 weeks!
    • Weekly Prizes! The more players mean greater prizes. So recruit your boss then take pleasure in taking him to the woodshed.
    • Weekly Standings posted after ESPN's Monday Night Game!
    • Weekly Composites posted every Friday Night!
  • Complete your registration then send in your picks here.
  • After getting started and checking out all the opposition, go to the AZRumor Mill pump up the attitude and start working on your opponents psyche.
  • We'll try to update the scoreboard after ever break in the action. So come back after each game and click the Scoreboard results for the week link to see how you are doing!
  • The Year-to-Date Standings will post after the ESPN Monday Night Game!
    • It usually takes about 10 minutes after the game to update the standings.
The 2021
Prize Schedule
Place Week Year
1st $25 $75
2nd $15 $65
3rd $10 $55
4th $0 $45
5th $0 $30
6th $0 $20
7th $0 $0
8th $0 $0
9th $0 $0
10th $0 $0
11th $0 $0
12th $0 $0
13th-Last staff photo
AZFantasy Football
  • The Fall is almost upon us. The fall of your opponents, that is. AZFantasy football is ready for you, so head your team to the huddle, and hit your way to the championship. AZFantasy Football is here!
  • You are invited to participate in 17 weeks of trash talking hot NFL action! So sit back and watch your team progress throughout the season as we do all the hard work gathering statistics, computing point totals, and updating standings.
  • This is a FREE Fantasy Football League including:
    • Head to Head Match-Ups
    • Individual Defensive Play
    • AZFantasy's Live Draft Application with online of offline options
    • Private and Public Leagues
    • League Message Boards
    • Lively Scoring
  • Leagues will fill up fast so please hurry. Don't get Shut Out!
  • It's a game, and life is too short. You watch football, so why not spice it up? It's 10 guys trying to beat the crap out of 10 other guys for a darn silver cup. And we love it. Just don't take it -- or yourself -- too seriously to have some fun with the other members.
The AZFootball Games
College Bowl Pick'em Game
  • Pick the winner in each of the twenty bowl games and rank your picks 1-20.
    • Cash Prizes!
    • This year the Bowl Scoreboard will keep the score updated for you. Come back after each game to see how you are doing! The Final Bowl Scoreboard will be posted after the BCS title game.
  • Enter as many times as you wish. Cost is $10.00 per entry.
  • Enter Early! Don't get Shut Out! Make You Bowl Picks Now!
  • Your entry fee must be received no later than 6 PM ET. Tuesday December 26th with your picks.
  • The Bowl Composite is updated as the picks are submitted.
  • The official payoff schedule should be posted the 27th.
  • STAFF PHOTO (for 7th-40th place)
Official Bowl
Cash & Prize Schedule (estimate)
Place Winnings
1st $70
2nd $55
3rd $45
4th $30
5th $20
6-40 staff photo
The AZFootball Games
FREE..... AZFootball NFL Playoff Pick'em Game
Scoring: You score points for correct picks for each round of the playoffs. Each round is worth a different amount of points. So the further into the playoffs you go, the more valuable the correct picks become.   View Playoff Pick'em Game Composite
The AZFootball Games
Member Services
  • Please help us continue with improvements to the games and provide an enhanced web site. Go to the AZRumor Mill or email your comments, suggestions, complaints and/or contributions to the AZFootball league office at commissioner
  • Trash Talk? For your daily dose of debunking visit the AZRumor Mill and let the fun begin.
  • Want a username or need to update your email address? AZPick'em Game
  • Did you forget your username and/or password? Send me my username and password information.
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  Please help us continue with improvements to the games and provide an enhanced web site. Contact us at the link above
or email your comments, suggestions, complaints and/or contributions to the AZ Fantasy Football League office at: commissioner
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